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February 24, 2014
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Italy smiled as he walked out into the cold. "Hey, Italy, dude, where are you going?" Alfred asked, poking his head out the front door.

"Ve~! I'm going to go find Ms. Hungary and see if she'll want to go shopping with me~! I have some things I need to get for (Name)!" he responded with glee, waving as he walked off. "Ciao~!" he called. "See ya later, dude!" Alfred laughed as he waved back.

As he passed the various houses and he whistled a happy tune, texting Hungary to meet him soon, which she did, but she was late by almost twenty minutes. "Italy! It is so nice to see you again~! How are you?" Hungary asked, her bright green eyes shimmering as the sun hit them.

"Ve~! I'm doing fine, Hungary! Would you like to go shopping with me~? I have to get some stuff for a new friend of mine, but I'm not entirely sure what girls like as clothes..." Italy confessed, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. Hungary couldn't help but chuckle lightly at her friend's innocence.

"Okay! Let me help you out," Hungary grabbed Italy's hand, and walked with him to the nearest clothing store.

Italy's eyes opened when he saw all the clothes. But, what do you expect? It's a clothes store. There are going to be clothes.

Hungary took him over to the dress section, telling him about all sorts of women's clothing.


You continued to sit alone in Feli's room, holding the stuffed, Italian flag heart-pillow. You waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and then waited some more, until you got tired of waiting, and proceeded to get up.

You walked to the door, reaching out to open it, until the door knob twitched and shook violently. You could hear a series of cusses outside the door, until a man who looked an awful lot like Feliciano was face to face with you. Everything went silent, as if the two of you had suddenly lost the ability to speak. The man stared at you.

"...Hello, there, bella. Uh...what are you doing in my fratello's room?" he asked, a sheepish blush coating his face.

"M-Mr. Feliciano told me to stay in here and wait for him..." you responded, a shy blush covering your own cheeks. The Feli-look-alike tilted his head at you. "How long have you been waiting?" he asked.

You shrugged, still holding the pillow close. Just as he was about to say something else, another man followed him.

"Oi, Romano! Who are you talking to?" a cheerful voice met your ears. "None of your business, tomato-bastard!" the Feli-look-alike growled, suddenly less kind and gentle.

A green eyed man peered into the room, and you backed away from the both of them. What the hell is with all the people, suddenly invading your personal space!?

The green eyed man smiled broadly at you. "Hola, chica! How are you doing~?" he asked, not minding the fact that you were in Feli-look-alike's brother's room. "...F-Fine..." you answered just loud enough for him to hear. "Great! My name is Antonio! This is Lovino," he responded right off the bat, holding out his hand for you to shake.

You just stared for a moment, before reaching a shaky arm out to him. His warm hand wrapped around your smaller one, and before you knew it, soft lips came in contact with your knuckle.

Your blush became darker, and you pulled your hand away. Lovino had crossed his arms. "Bella, why don't you hang out with us for a while?" he offered, a slightly hopeful glint in his eyes. You almost immediately shook your head.

"S-Sorry...but I have to wait for Mr. Feliciano..." you answered, hiding half your face behind the pillow. "awww~! Lovi, she's shy~! That's so cute!" Spain cooed softly to his companion.

"Wh-What!?" you exclaimed, flustered beyond belief. Spain just laughed lightly at your reaction. "She's like a little teddy bear! So cute!" he flirted playfully, causing you to hide again behind the pillow.

"Spain-bastard, you're scaring her," Lovino scolded, going over to your side. "How am I scaring her, Lovi?" Antonio asked, blinking in an almost innocent way.


Lovino wrapped an arm around you. "Can't you tell, stupid?" Lovino gestured to your beautiful (e/c) eyes, "It's in her eyes - see?"

You squirmed out of his grip. "Please don't touch me..." you requested quietly, backing away. Lovino and Antonio exchanged looks. When the silence in the room overcame the awkwardness, you sighed, and left the room, unable to deal with the silence.
....yeah...another shitty chapter, I know...

Sorry that Spain is OOC. Sorry. My bad...

I'm just so tired xD 

I own nothing

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