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September 9, 2013
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Flavio laughed as he entered the building, looking for his first victim.

“Roma~! Come out from wherever you are, cara~!” he called.

Norway saw Flavio, and reached for his spell book, which was tucked neatly into his uniform.

However, Flavio turned to them, smirking sadistically. “ah-ah-ah, hon, you don’t want to do that~!” he cheerfully said, aiming for the Norwegian man.

Norway simply had a cold stare directed toward the Italian with a gun. “you don’t want to pull a gun on a wizard, stupid…” he grumbled.

Flavio just kept smiling as he took the safety off the gun. “don’t fuck with an angry Italian, hon~!” he put his finger on the trigger.

“now…” he paused, an evil grin manifesting on his face. “you’re gonna fucking die!” he shouted as he pulled the trigger.

Norway flinched, the pain never came. Iceland was standing in front of him, shielding him from the bullet.

The hospital was empty.

The doctors went home.

There were only a few nurses there, but they were not on that floor. Iceland was struck in the center of his chest. He coughed up blood.

Norway’s eyes were wide. “big…brother…” Iceland coughed. Norway’s eyes widened further. “…I’m sorry…”

Iceland fell to the floor, blood gushing from his chest. Norway stared in shock.

Finland snuck up behind Flavio and hit him upside the head with the butt of his gun. Romano peeked out from his hiding place, holding an icepack against his vital regions.

Mathias stared in shock at Iceland. “Ice…?” he called out. “Em…Emil…” Norway trailed off. he dropped to his knees beside his brother, and propped his body up.

his once cold, emotionless gaze was filled with shock, concern, sorrow, and anger. Germany rushed from your hospital room, and to the others.

“what happened?” he asked them, his voice filled with concern, and slight anger.

“Flavio shot Iceland…” Finland answered, dropping his gun to the floor. Finland felt tears brim his eyes.

more people were dying right in front of him.

Romano stared in shock at the Icelander who was bleeding on the floor. Norway held his younger brother closer to himself, shedding tears of sorrow. “Emil…” he whispered as his tears overflowed.  

Now, I know what you’re thinking – why not just have someone operate on Iceland to take the bullet out since they’re in a hospital?

Well, the thing is, there is no one certified in surgery to operate on him. they’re gone.

There are only a few nurses, otherwise, Iceland is pretty much screwed if no one does anything.

Romania knelt beside Iceland, and cleared his face of hair. Germany stared solemnly at the pale nation, who was losing blood at a rapid pace.

“Germany, please tie Flavio up…I’m going to help Iceland in another room.” Romania told the German, taking Emil into his arms.

Scotland glared at the blonde Italian who was currently being tied up. how dare he do this to Norway and Iceland. How dare he try to harm you.

he will surely pay for what he has done…

Germany finished tying the blonde Italian up, and as Romania walked away, carrying Iceland as he did, Norway protested, attempting to follow, only to be held back by Denmark.

“Norge…just calm down…” he soothed his brother.

“calm down? calm down!? Iceland could die, Dane! Don’t you fucking care!?” Norway raised his usually calm voice.

Finland flinched, and Sweden emerged from his room. “…wh’t h’pp’ned?” he asked.

Sweden received no answer, but when he saw the unconscious Italian on the floor, and a sobbing Norwegian, he didn’t need one.

“ve…Norway, Iceland will be okay~! I promise~!” Italy tried cheering the Norwegian up, but Norway just ended up crying slightly harder, shielding his face from view with his hands.

He began muttering, and sobbing quietly in Norwegian. Denmark tried really hard to console him.

“uh…guys?” America suddenly cut in. “…where’s (Name)?”

Italy’s eyes opened again. “ve?”

“what the hell do you mean, ‘where is (Name)’? she’s in her room, isn’t she?” Romano retorted. America shook his head.

if Norway’s heart hadn’t been strained by the panic of what could happen to his little brother, it surely would’ve broken if he knew what 2p!Italy did to you. Finland began to panic.

Why was all this bad stuff happening to them?

why would god let this happen?

Why did all the suffering occur?

Why did Norway have to feel these emotions?

Why did he have to worry about you and his brother? it is so unfair…

Scotland noticed one of Norway’s Faeries, who was sneaking in through a window. “hello, love…” he greeted her.

she flew up to him, and murmured some words in his ear. He nodded, and was surprised when the faerie said that she knew where you were through a friend.

he smiled a little, relieved that it was known where you were. But he knew, deep down, that something was wrong – very wrong. He said nothing, though.

Instead, he watched as some of the others attempted to console the Norwegian man. He sent the faerie to get more help to save you, and he attempted to console the Norwegian man as well.

he just prayed that something good would become of you…

short chapters are short ;_;

I do not own any of the hetalia characters. the hetalia characters belong to Papa Himaruya

you belong to whomever you wish.

I don't own the picture.

I own this fanfic, however.


who should save you??



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