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September 7, 2013
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There was nothing there. You huddled yourself closer if possible, fear going through your body, and causing you to shake. You heard a dark laugh, and shivered.

Footsteps were heard, and the only thought you had was, ‘am I really going to die, today…?’

“ve~…bambina…” a voice called out. your eyes shut, as if automatically, and you refused to look up. the footsteps came closer, and a hand touched your wrist. You winced.

“bambina~” the male voice sang. “look at me…” he ordered. You didn’t want to, but something told you to do it anyway. You opened your eyes, and glanced up at him.

he looked a lot like Feliciano…but his eyes were open, and they were a violet color. He wore a hat, and his military uniform was not blue, it was brown.

He was smiling, much like Feliciano would, but it wasn’t an excited smile-it was more calm, easy going…

he had this thing about him that told someone to relax, and trust him.


There was also a very strange feeling about him. like…something told you to not trust him, to escape him when you get the chance.

He reached for your face to wipe away the frightened tears that had pricked your eyes, and brushed your soft, silky (h/c) hair from your face.

“bambina…you are so much more attractive in person…” he trailed off, his voice husky.

You attempted to push him away, but when he noticed this, he pinned your arms against the wall. He smirked, a sudden aura of evil surrounding him.

“you aren’t going anywhere, (Name)…” he murmured to you, his voice huskier than before.

“h-how do you know my name?” you stuttered, afraid. His smirk got more sadistic. “no time to explain, bella bambina…” he raised a knife, and your eyes widened. Before you could scream for help, he put a hand over your mouth.

“hush. Now listen, if you do not do what I say, I will punish you. agreed?” he asked, twirling the knife in his fingers.

You slowly nodded. The man smirked. “I guess I should introduce myself…my name is Luciano Vargas~! And your name is…?” he said.

you shivered, suddenly very cold. “(N-N-N-Name) (S-S-S-Surname)…” you answered. He chuckled, and reached out to touch you again.

“bella…let us go, now~!” he sadistically said. you swallowed the lump in your throat. He leaned closer to you, as if about to kiss you, but you felt a surge of pain rip through you, and you half-screamed.

Luciano silenced you by kissing your lips, in which you fought back.

“(Name)? (Name)!!” a voice shouted, making Luciano break away from you. he growled dangerously.

“Flavio, get your ass in here!” he growled. The blonde haired Italian poked his head in through the window.

“eh? What do you need?” he asked innocently. “take (Name) out of here.” He ordered his brother. Flavio looked at you, and smiled. “ciao, bella~!” he greeted as Luciano handed you to him.

Flavio was careful with you, trying not to hurt the stab wound in your side. The blonde Italian snuck you out of the window, and scanned the area so he could make an escape with you.

when he realized the coast was clear, he ran for the car that Luciano and him had driven in to intimidate Romania when he was driving Romano and America to the hospital.

He put you in the back, and told you to wait there. He took his gun from the trunk of the car, and cocked it.

Luciano, meanwhile stood from his spot, his knife ready. Germany kicked down the door. He had one of his old guns from World War 2. “Luciano!” he shouted angrily. Luciano glared. “I thought I told you to leave me be, Ludwig…” he growled.

Germany ignored him. “where is (Name).” he demanded. Luciano raised an eyebrow. “I have no idea what you are talking about, Luddy…” Luciano trailed off, a sadistic smile making its way to his lips.

Germany growled, and shot at Luciano, who merely dodged his shots, and escaped through the window, shouting for Flavio to open fire on them as he ran to the car.

Flavio nodded, grinning as he did, and ran into the building, his gun ready to shoot.

Luciano started the car and took off as quickly as he could.

Little did he know that one of Norway’s faeries went with you…

being sad while trying not to write anything sad is hard ;_;

:iconsexy2pitalyplz: 2p!Romano :iconsexygermanyplz: (c) papa Himaruya

you (c) whomever you wish~

I do not own the damn picture.

I do, however, own this fanfic.



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Holy fruk i just noticed something o-o 2p italys name is luciano 2p romanos name is flavio and then italys name is feliciano and romanos name is lovino...THE SWITCHED THE FIRST LETTER OF THE NAMES
VioletValentine870 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014
The only thing I could think of with the fairy following me was that it helped by irritating Flavio by going;

:iconnaviplz: Hey! Hey, listen! Listen! Hey, hey listen!
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That damn fairy...
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at least i know i wasn't the only one thinking of navi the fairy XD
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Damn ... In every reader insert I read I get kidnapped by 2ps ...
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