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August 28, 2013
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Romania was beginning to freak out as he sped along the highway, heading for that house that belonged to America.

You held on tightly to something, fearful of something bad happening to you, or worse, something bad happening to the people who took you in.

You began to stop caring about what happened to you.

Norway could see the fear written on your features, and wrapped an arm around you again.

He comforted you in his native tongue, and while you didn’t understand a lick of it, it helped a lot. Romania almost crashed into the house when he arrived.

He pulled out a sword he had hidden in the car, and raced out, telling Norway to stay with you. Norway debated it for a few minutes, until something told him to do otherwise.

‘screw it, i’m going in.’ He thought. He took his seatbelt off, and he got out of the car, leaving you in there. You eyed him curiously, and with the fear in your chest increasing.

“i’ll be back, (Name)...just stay here, and don’t make a sound.” He told you. With that, he took something from his pocket, and handed it to you.

“think of it as a gift.” He closed the car door and began to walk to the house. You watched him, and you ducked down in the car so it was hard to see you through the window.

You opened your hand, and saw a barrette.

A cross barrette.

Your eyes widened slightly. No one had ever given you a gift before. You weren’t sure what to do next.

Meanwhile, Romania walked up to the front door, silent. His sword was unsheathed. He braced himself, and slammed the door open, shouting in Romanian.

Romano, who had been sitting in the living room with an injured arm, screamed. Romania opened his eyes and blinked.



Romania sweatdropped. “ehehehe...uh...hey, guys~!” he sheepishly greeted. Norway entered after him.

“...what happened...” he asked. America, who was bloodied all over, with a wound on his leg, looked up.

“we got in a fight with the 2p’s, and eventually they left. I hope...wait, where’s (Name)!?” he said, concern leaking into his voice. “she’s in the car.” Norway answered. “you left her on her own? What the hell were you thinking!?” America asked.

“...i didn’t think about that...” Norway turned, and raced to the car again, only to find that the doors were locked. He couldn’t see you through the window, and he grew panicked, however he didn’t show it. He knocked on the window.

“(Name).” He called.

No answer.

Mathias poked his head out the door. He had his axe with him. He approached the car.

“Hey, (Name)! Answer us, please!” he ordered. You tensed up, but you shakily peeked out from your hiding place in the car.

“oh, thank you, god!” Mathias breathed in relief. You were more frightened than usual. Romania came out, and unlocked the door. He helped you out.

Mathias picked you up, making you yelp, and carried you inside. “guys, we found her~!” he grinned in triumph. You shut your eyes to avoid seeing all the blood and the wounds.

Mathias sat you down with America, and proceeded to tend to his wound. “we should probably head for the hospital...” Scotland cut in. Finland, who had a gun with him, glanced at you.

“yeah...” he trailed off. He stood, and went to go get the car ready so he could take Emil, Sweden, Mathias, and himself to the hospital. There wasn’t enough room to bring anyone else. Romania helped America to his car, and Romano followed close behind.

Norway looked at you. “...we should probably bring you too since you had to go already...” he concluded.

Dylan came racing down the hall, carrying England as he did. “England too! He’s almost half-dead!” he exclaimed. Scotland’s eyes widened a little.

He stared at his brother, who was still in Dylan’s arms.

Had he really done that to his brother?

Norway nodded, and used his magic to send them to the hospital.

He picked you up, and proceeded to walk out the door, with Wales and Scotland following closely behind.

Meanwhile, Romania was driving to the hospital, just minding his own business as America and Romano sat in the back.

Romano heard a beeping, and looked through the back windshield. His eyes widened. “uhh...Romania?” he asked. “yeah?” was the reply.

America took a look. He was silent for a moment. “...dude. step on it.”

“what? Why?”

“dude, no time, just do it!”

Romania stepped on the gas, and sped up. 2p!Italy grinned an evil grin. He stepped on the gas as well. 1p!Italy, who had accompanied them, began to grow scared.

“ahhh! NO! DON’T KILL US!” he shouted. Romania laughed.

“they can’t kill us if they can’t catch us~!” Romania said with a grin as he began to speed. 2p!Italy began to speed as well, determined to find you.

Yes, he was looking for you.

There was a bounty price on you, and he needed that money, so he thought, ‘why not terrorize my 1p and his friends while i’m at it?’ and here he was, chasing the four men who were in the car.

2p!Romano was in the car with him, smirking. He was holding a rifle. He rolled down the window, and leaned out. He took aim, and shot at the car. “Holy shit, dude! They’re trying to kill us!”

“of course they’re trying to kill us, idiot!”


“Guys, shut up!”

Romania turned a corner so quickly, a screeching sound was heard from the tires. 2p!Italy followed closely behind.

2p!Romano grinned wider, and 1p!America leaned out a window that he rolled down. He had a pistol with him. He shot at the tires of 2p!Italy’s car, and eventually shot out his two front tires. 2p!Italy growled.

“Son of a fucking bitch!” he shouted after them. America laughed triumphantly, and soon, they were at the hospital, where they ran into Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland. “...hey, guys. Did crazy 2p’s chase you, too?” America asked.

“yes.” They all said in unison. “we had a couple crazy 2p Italians following us...” Romania said.


Romania ignored Romano. “we had the 2p!Nordics following us.” Finland said, his eyebrows turned upward in worry.

“uh...catching up is nice and all, but i’m kind of bleeding to death...” Iceland cut in. Finland nearly screamed, and took him inside, only to have him rushed away immediately.

When all of the severely hurt nations were taken to be examined, Norway, Wales, you, and Scotland waited for answers, as did Romania and Finland.

The hospital was strangely empty, today.

Not many people were there, it was just you, Norway, Romania, Scotland, Wales, England, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Romano, Italy, and America.

Russia, Germany, Prussia, China, Japan, and France went off to look for you since they didn’t know that Norway had taken you. France called the hospital.

“Finland!!! What happened, where is everyone!?” he shouted into the phone as Finland answered. The Finnish man flinched, and waited for his ears to stop ringing to answer.

“ah...the fight ended, and a lot of us were hurt, so we had to go to the hospital...sorry...” he apologized. “...we’ll be there in a minute.” Japan’s voice came as the phone was snatched from France’s hand.

“a-alright~! Hehe...” Finland answered. The line went dead, and Finland hung up. Just then, you were called to an office, and you tensed.

“wait, why does she need to be checked out? She wasn’t hurt at all, was she?” Scotland asked.

“she had to come here to be checked out anyway...that’s what the doctor said when we took her, so we thought that while we’re here, she may as well get checked out too...” Finland explained.

So, Finland had to drag you from your seat (literally) and to the examination room. A
few minutes passed.

Then half an hour.

Finland began to bounce his knee up and down. He grew nervous for his brothers, for Romano, for America, and for you.

A couple minutes later, a doctor came out, and approached. “you are friends with all the young men, and the young woman who came in today, am i correct?” the doctor asked. Norway nodded.

“how are they, doc?” Scotland asked. “the young men are doing just fine...and would you please either put out that cigarette or smoke outside, please?”

Scotland began to mumble a bit, and got up to go smoke outside. The doctor sighed. “so, how are they doing, doctor?” Finland asked, worried still.

“well, as i already said, the young men are doing just fine, but i am concerned for the young lady...(Name) is her name, right?” Norway nodded. “what are you so worried about?” Wales asked.

“it’s all the scars and the bruises...” he trailed off. “what about the scars and bruises?” Norway asked.

The doctor looked uneasy, upset in fact. He took a deep breath, and returned his gaze, which had momentarily gone to the floor, to the six men who sat before him.

“she, uh...seems to have gotten them from kitchen knives, or something else possibly...” he began. Tino held his breath.

“the scars on her back were from a whip, and the scars on her legs were from rope and/or chains, and they were mostly at her ankles. The bruises are mysteries to us, however, we suspect that there are problems with her home life...” Italy and Romano’s hearts were beginning to break.

“ comes for the heart breaking part...” he began. Norway raised an eyebrow.

“...we also found that some of her genitalia has been ripped severely on the inside, and it has remained like that for several years. In other words, it appears as if she had been raped and beaten...” He informed them.
I don't understand, how are my chapters possibly not derpy?

:iconsexyamericaplz: :iconsexydenmark2plz: :iconsexysweden2plz: :iconsexyfinlandplz: :iconsexyicelandplz: :iconsexynorwayplz: :iconsexyscotland2plz: :iconsexyengland2plz: :iconsexyromanoplz: :iconsexyitalyplz: wales (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

you (c) whomever you wish~

the picture does not belong to me

the car chasing thing doesn't belong to me, either.

this fanfic (c) :iconyugiluva167:

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