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August 26, 2013
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a smile ghosted his lips when he realized it was you he had bumped into. You raised your hand to your mouth, and glanced at him shyly.

He fought back the urge to giggle at the cute expression on your face.

You noticed the smile that ghosted his lips, and subconsciously began to smile.

Now, if you, dear reader, are not surprised already, or you missed a certain part, let me repeat myself to clarify;

Lukas Bondevik, personification of Norway, had to fight back the urge to giggle.

“were you following my faery, (Name)?” he asked you, replacing the amused look on his face with his usual blank look.

You nodded, a sheepish blush coating your cheeks like paint. Norway pat your head.

“i sent her to look for you, you know...” he trailed off, studying your small, shaking form. You blushed harder. “r-really...?” you asked. He nodded, and leaned toward your ear.

“something tells me that they have grown a liking to you...” he whispered.

You shivered, fear filling your chest again. You were about to run away, until he grabbed your hand, and pulled you into a room. “(Name)?” Scotland’s voice rang out. “(Name), lass, come here...i need to have a chat with ye...” he called out.

you began to noticeably shake, remembering the fight that you heard with all the cussing and everything.

One of the faeries noticed this, and hovered over your shoulder, studying your face. “ something wrong?” Norway asked, noticing that you were shaking. You didn’t answer.

“’s Scotland, isn’t it...?” he asked upon hearing Scotland’s voice. You looked at him.

“h-how did you know?” you asked, searching his face for emotion. Sadly, you found no emotion, and he stared at you.

“...magic...” he said, and brushed some (h/c) hair out of your face.

“i heard about what happened at the doctor...” he began after a moment. You froze in place.

“would you mind explaining the episode?” he asked. “i...” you began. He waited for an answer. You fell silent.

Maybe it would be better if you did not answer...

after a few more minutes, Norway got your attention.

“(Name).” He began again. “if you don’t tell me, i can, and will, use a spell to make you tell me.” He told you, grabbing your chin and tilting your head upward. You chewed your lip.

Norway waited a bit longer. You just couldn’t do it...Norway sighed. “alright...(Name), i gave you a chance to tell me on your own. I have no other choice but to use that spell on you...” he concluded, reaching for his spell book.

You opened the door and ran down the hall before he could do anything.

You ran to the living room, and made a move to go out the door, but just as you were about to leave, you bumped into someone, but you were caught by strong arms. you were caught before you could fall to the floor.

“you alright, da-ze~?” a cheerful voice met your ears. You opened your eyes, and found someone really close to your face. “p-please let go...” you begged softly. He thought about it.

“!” he grinned, and held you closer. You squirmed in his grip, trying hard to break free. “Yong Soo, seriously! Let her go!” America called as he walked over. South Korea pouted.

“but she’s so cute and huggable!” he whined. America grabbed you, and held you as if he were holding something precious to him. He pouted.

“mine...” he mumbled. Your face got really red, and you froze in his arms.

“ah...there you are, lass...” you heard Scotland say as he walked in. You found your strength and pulled yourself out of America’s arms, and ran out into the rain.

“huh?” Hong Kong saw you run out, and he watched as you ran.

“Noooo! (Name), dude! Come baaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkk!!!!” America shouted in the rain. You didn’t listen.

You just ran.
my chapters are getting crappy and repetitive T^T

:iconsexyscotland2plz: :iconsexyamericaplz: :iconsexynorwayplz: :iconsexyicelandplz: :iconsexyhongkongplz: :iconsexykoreaplz: (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

you (c) whomever you wish

the picture does not belong to me.

this fanfic (c) :iconyugiluva167:

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