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April 16
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It was too much.

You felt too much pain already, and you were only fifteen. You sat at home, holding the British flag, heart-shaped pillow that your close friend, Arthur, had given to you on your twelfth birthday close to your chest, with tears brimming your eyes.

You couldn't stop remembering all the bullying you got. It drove you to the point of insanity; making your emotions erratic, and making you ever-so-fragile. You couldn't handle much anymore. It was actually rather easy, now, to make you upset. You couldn't help it...your emotional strength was practically nonexistent.

Depression was simply not a fun thing to go through. Suffering from the sadness on and off was annoying as hell, and it only made you vulnerable. People tell you to stay strong, and that smiling will help strengthen you. But the fake smiles that you seem to somehow be able to nearly flawlessly only broke you more.

It all started in third grade. Third grade was when the fights between your parents started. At first, they started as small arguments. But by the time fourth grade ended, it began to get violent.

In the middle of fifth grade, they divorced, because your mother decided to cheat on your father. As a result, for a long time, you assumed it was your fault, since you were still young when it happened, and you didn't fully understand much about how relationships work, and how easily it all could be jeopordized.

It only got worse as you began to get bullied. It started with light teasing; playful, yet somewhat insulting nicknames. But by eighth grade, it got to the point where it was extremely hurtful; to the point where you were pushed and pulled, kicked and hit, threatened and broken down more and more, to the point where you wondered why you didn't just end it long ago.

Then your father just had to go off and fight again, seeing as how he was part of the military. You were left alone again.

You were lonely as it is; what with being so bullied. Sure, you had lots of friends, had been swayed to think that they merely pitied you, that you were just a burden on them. You just wanted to find a reason to keep going, but there was nothing to keep you going.


You sighed as you rolled out of bed the next morning. It was only a half day; meaning you didn't really have much homework that night, so it was not that big of a deal that you didn't do your homework.

Besides, it was actually fairly rare that you really got in trouble. If you were late, then the teachers understood; after all, they liked you, and knew of your situation. So, more often than not, they let it slide.

You went through your morning routine, and proceeded to school on your bike. Maybe today would be different. Then again, every day seemed to be the same, and it only seemed to kill you over and over again with all you had to endure.

As soon as you got to school, you locked up your bike on the bike rack outside, and rushed to the library so you could be alone. You said a quick hello to Feliciano and Romano as you passed them, saying good-morning to Arthur and Yao, whom were exchanging notes for different classes; Arthur, borrowing Yao's math notes, and Yao, borrowing Arthur's English notes.

You were lucky they were busy; if they weren't, you'd be pulled into a conversation, where, sure enough, you'd be asked how you were, in which you'd have to answer with an utter lie.

The rest of the day was normal; you were bullied during the free-time in the halls, you spoke briefly to your friends throughout the day, and you did your best in school.

You were approached at lunch by three of your bullies. You gulped as they came closer. "Well, well, well, look at little miss fat-ass, actually bothering to come to lunch. Don't you know, by now, pig? We don't accept your kind here!" the leader sneered. You took a step back. Some people were staring, though most ignored it. "Please leave me alone today, I don't want to deal with this..." you quietly said, preparing yourself to run or shield yourself. "And why would we listen to you?" the second female glared at you. "B-Because I'm being polite?"

"And what will being polite get you?" the third crossed her arms. "Just go away, (Name). Nobody wants you here anyway,"

There were already tears in your eyes. "J-Just leave me alone...p-please, leave me alone!" you whimpered, unable to contain your emotions. "What are you going to do about it?" the leader challenged.

You sucked up your emotions, and brushed past her. You didn't eat much anymore; you couldn't seem to find your appetite and lost a lot of weight. All you had today was half a sandwich and a bag of chips.

When you finished your lunch, and went on your way to the bathroom, you saw a poster on the wall. Your friends, whom were with you, didn't see the poster, and kept walking until they noticed you were not walking anymore.

The poster had a picture of you, and a very insulting caption at the bottom, which read; 'And we thought that humanity couldn't get any dumber.'

"(Name)? Is something-?" Feliciano began, before getting a look a the poster. "Oh, (Name)..."

You couldn't take it anymore.

The day wasn't over yet, but you turned on your heel, and darted down the nearest hall to the exit, with various people calling out your name.

When you were alone, lost in the building, since you assumed the hallway you went down was closest to the exit, you leaned against the wall, and cried silently.

"(Name)?" a gentle voice called as you heard footsteps approach.

"Leave me alone," you whimpered, trying to control your crying. When you opened your eyes again, you saw...

I'm on a roll today :D

...I hate my writing xD 
To be perfectly honest, I haven't really been trying today because I'm a little too tired...and as a result, I'm so tired, I'm hyper, 'cause I haven't really slept for the past three days.

So! Please start requesting countries? I want to know which countries you guys want to read about most, for each ending! When you request a country, I'll put the link to it here.

~~~various endings~~~

























Other European Countries:







Other Asian Countries:

Hong Kong: 

If there are any countries I left out, just let me know, m'kay? 

Hetalia (c) Himaruya Hidekaz

you (c) whomever you like

picture (c) maplevanilla on tumblr
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