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August 7, 2013
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You watched as the snow fell outside your window, the feeling of excitement welling up in your chest like a balloon.

Winter was finally here, again!

Plus, what made it better, was that you would get to see Sealand again, seeing as how your big sister was his baby sitter. (A/N: if you don’t have an older sister, then let’s just pretend XD)

Sealand loved the snow as much as you did, and that was an awful lot. You waited intently for Sealand to arrive. Your big sister chuckled as you looked out the window, watching and waiting for the blonde haired boy to arrive. You waited all day, but he didn’t show.

You pouted, wanting so badly to see him. Your sister sat next to you at the window, and pat your back.

“There, there, (Name), he’ll be here soon. Just not today. Tomorrow, he’ll be here, I promise!” she reassured you, brushing a strand of (h/c) hair out of your face. “But…he’s my buddy.” You answered, resting your chin in your arms.

“He’s one of my best friends, and I hardly get to see him, anyway!” you whimpered. “I mean…Mr. Sweden and Mr. Finland don’t really go away too often…” you sadly stated. Your sister laughed and ruffled your soft hair.

“He’ll be here, don’t worry!” she reassured you. That night, looking out the window, you had fallen asleep, still waiting for your best friend. The next morning, Sealand bounded up the steps to your porch, excited to see you again. “(Name)!” he called, excitement welling up in his chest. Today was the day he would tell you!

That’s right; Peter Kirkland had a crush on you.

He ran up to the door, and knocked excitedly. You did not wake, so your sister went and answered the door, only to almost be knocked over when Peter ran in. your sister laughed, and greeted Sweden and Finland. “Hello, guys~!” she greeted.

“Hello, (sister’s name)!” Finny greeted. Sve simply grunted. Your big sister and Finnyland began to converse in Finnish while Peter attempted to wake you. “(Nickname), (nickname)! Wake up! There’s so much snow out there! Don’t you want to play?” he whispered excitedly to your sleeping form.

You simply stirred, and he pouted cutely. He had to get you up, he simply had to! Finnyland laughed a bit when your sister made a joke. He bid farewell, as did Sweden, and your older sister shut the door. She inwardly fangirled as Sealand tried to wake you.

“(Nammmeeeee) wake up! Please? Pretty please?” he begged.

“Mmmnn…no…” you groaned. “(Name)…” he made his voice sound sad. “Pwease?” he put on the kicked puppy face, and you immediately woke up.

“Noooo! Don’t be sad, Peter!!” you begged as you hugged him. He blushed, and your sister squealed. They day was slow, and boring. Your sister kept you inside because of the way that the wind roared. It made her nervous.

You and Sealand were bored.

Very, very, very bored.

When your sister finally gave the ‘okay’ to go outside, you raced to the closet, and got out your boots, coat, hat, scarf and mittens. When you were ready, and Sealand was ready, you ran hand in hand into the snow.

Your sister followed closely behind, and watched in amusement as you dived into the snow, Peter following close behind. You were pretty much inseparable, almost as if you were boyfriend and girlfriend, in which, Seborga always teased you and Sealand whenever he was hanging out with you, Wy, Sealand, Ladonia, and Latvia.

Wy would also tease you but you would blush, and try to run away, however, Sealand always dragged you back. You smiled and laughed as you rolled around in the snow with Peter. The day went on as many snowball fights broke out and you even made a snowman and a snowwoman. When the sun was beginning to go down, you and Sealand were laughing, and making snow angels. Your sister was inside, watching you.

“Hey, Sealand…” you began. He looked over.

“Yeah?” he asked, obviously listening. You blushed. “u-um…my sister teases me all the time, and calls me your girlfriend…do you consider me your girlfriend?” you asked.

“Well…yeah. You are a girl, and you are my friend. Therefore, you’re my girlfriend!” he grinned innocently. Your face got really red.

“Um…Sealand?” you asked. He smiled at you. “Yeah?” he asked. “U-um…I-I want to tell you…I really, really like you…like…more than a friend…you make my chest tight, and you make my belly hurt…like I had butterflies in my stomach...” your face got redder. Sealand blinked, and then smiled. “Same here~!” he grinned, and gave you a kiss. You were surprised, but you kissed back.

Your best friend became your boyfriend.

Who would’ve thought?

--extended ending—


You opened your eyes and stared at your sister, who took a picture with her phone. She grinned, and ran back into the house. She sent the picture to Finland, and everyone else who know both you and Sealand. You blushed, and chased your sister. “(sister’s Name) come and face me like a man!”

“I’m not a man, (Name) and you know it!”

Sealand laughed after you and smiled. You were his, and his alone. That was enough for him.
this was a request from sora22302 :3

I do not own you, your sister, Finny, Sve, or Sealand. Himaruya Hidekaz owns them all, as he owns Hetalia.

HOWEVER. you belong to :iconsealandplz:
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